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Leave DJ Cuppy alone

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Nigeria has had its fair share of noise making singers in recent times. These guys whose self-confidence would rival that of Nicklas Bendtner and Zlatan Ibrahimovic combined, believe so much in themselves that they happily churn out noisy, rhythmless sequences in the name of music and we have gradually come to accept them like that and listen to them when we can, just to humor them.

Top of the list are Speed Darlington, VicO and, maybe, prime Tonto Dikeh, before she became a king. DJ Cuppy is not one of the noisemakers.
She may not be an Omawumi or a Waje, but she is far from the caricature figures above. You can neither compare her to Speed Darlington nor VicO or Tonto Dikeh.

Cuppy has confirmed hits and features certified talents (Speed Darlington can also claim that soon, once his collabo with Zlatan Ibile drops), but Cuppy’s “Green Light” with Tekno, “Vybe” with Sarkodie, “Abena” and “Gelato” with Zlatan, are confirmed hits and can’t be compared to whatever any of these “Problem Artists” are doing.

Yet she has endured as much trolling as them and, to the best of my knowledge, never responded with insults or “fire for fire” like some of the others already mentioned.

From all indications Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola is a well-trained and cultured jovial free spirit. She takes them all in her stride and laughs along with us. If she is bothered, she never shows it and whatever frustrations she could have felt have never spilled into the public. Yet, we continue to troll her.

The most recent instance is from Mazi @MatthewAmadi, a popular Twitter character who is referred to in some quarters, as “Giveaway Mazi”, because of his frequent giveaways through his Twitter handle. Asides that, Mazi is also a relatively blunt, honest, lively and funny personality.

But, his unwarranted attack on DJ Cuppy is below the belt. What he said wasn’t new, in fact, it has been a repeated troll line on Cuppy since she launched her music career. But an influential Social Media personality like Mazi, gave it a new life and it trended.

The scene above is what Cuppy has had to put up with since she appeared on the scene. People generally do have a little underlying animosity towards rich kids; but except for extreme ostentatious behavior, these folks haven’t done anything wrong and we shouldn’t always expect them to be bad at things and only get by because of their parents’ wealth. Every good story must not be “grass to grace”, a “grace to grace” story is equally good and we should learn to let people be. Davido had to retort recently, “Say na my fault say my papa get money?”

From all indications, Mr Femi Otedola did an excellent job in training his children and is an example for others to follow. He lets his kids follow their hearts and supports them in their choices. Joy is dating Mr Eazi and Cuppy has been with Victor Anichebe, Asa Asika and possibly, Anthony Joshua.

One of the most touching videos trending on Social Media is that of comedian, Broda Shaggi, sitting in a car with DJ and wishing Mr Otedola a happy birthday. Otedola called him “Son Shaggi” and asked Cuppy for their wedding date. It’s all jokes, but should Cuppy bring home Shaggi as her real husband, she would definitely get the support of her father.

Even if you are not a fan of her music, DJ Cuppy is such a happy soul that even if you don’t have something for her, you can have nothing against her. For a female “Omo Baba Olowo”, she could have thrown her riches right into our faces as much as she wished but even when those intermittent and sparse instances of ostentation sprout, they are done so sweetly and seemingly innocently, that you cannot but admire her the more for it. Let us #FreeCuppy please.

2 thoughts on “Leave DJ Cuppy alone

  1. computergeek : Who else saw that Ibitayo5452 begging for 3K to buy baby food? Lol How much be subscription wey go reach you do Instagram? Some people have no atom of shame in them. Can all these haters leave Cuppy alone? There are so many terrible female musicians out there. Una no dey see them, na rich man pikin una go see. Jobless haters who will always remain broke. Advise her to work on her singing not hating on her.

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